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China National Air Separation Engineering Co., Ltd. (CNASEC) has professional engineering technicians, extensive engineering experience, advanced technology & equipment, remarkable technical strength, excellent project management team that enable us to provide high quality engineering service to the customers. CNASEC is always closely following the development pace of Republic of China and striving for the prosperity of the motherland. Established for over thirty years, CNASEC has received trust from customers abroad and domestic for our good reputation and good service. Moreover, we have also built good relationships of cooperation with equipment suppliers, design institutes and engineering construction teams in the process of providing service to customers.

Sky is so wide that birds can fly freely, and the sea is so broad that fishes can swim and jump. Learn from yesterday, cherish today and looking forward into tomorrow. We will insist on building up a learning-oriented enterprise, investing in continuous innovation, and offering our customers new experience at the same time of providing better service. Diligence can produce achievements, and sincerity will lead to glory. Following the thirty years’ development path, with the mission of serving the country, with the philosophy of ‘considering benefits for customer, providing service for customer and creating values for customer’, we would like to join hands with all friends from various fields to achieve further success and build up a better future.